The mouth of Sauron was such a badass character it makes me sad he’s only in the extended.

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"He [Viggo Mortensen] was standing behind the camera throwing the apples … And I’ve never seen him so happy."

Billy Boyd


I want you to really look around. We are Disney’s future. Someone you follow could be Disney’s CEO in the future. We have people who are some day going to be cast members, animators, imagineers, and much much more. So don’t let anyone tell you having a disney obsession is stupid, or childish. Because one day, you are going to create your own magic. 

This is why I’m still debating applying for the animation internship after uni. Maybeeee.

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My “watching return of the king and forgetting about Shelob” face
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Bitch, dont you “previously on…” me. I have been watching this show for 5 hours. I know what happened.

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HELP!!! MISSING PERSON!!! If you live in the Liverpool area please help us! Our friend Abbie Sadler has gone missing it’s been 12 hours since she disappeared from a friends house last night after playing a show. If anyone has seen her please contact me or the police! She was ment to be returning to leicester today and her family and friends are very very worried!!! Please share!!

Local police have been notified. Please spread this round. She was last seen with her band (Child Actors) after playing a house show.